CELLER Energy Wholesale Import & Export Inc. Co, 100% local company, is founded in 2012 to act as a wholesale company in the energy market. The company, in the view of market regulations and intracompany risk management, acts as an energy and/ or cross-border capacity trader, along with supplying energy to other market participants and end- consumers. All the actions of import & export are handled within the wholesale licensing.

The company follows a customer - oriented sale and marketing

strategy, with the most qualified service in order to fulfill the customer' s expectations, and enhances his system and processes, following the mutual understandings with his customers; with the target of being the most dependable and preferential energy supplier.






With his young, dynamic and specialized personnal; maximizing his customers' satisfactions in the constantly liberalizing and growing energy market; by providing environmental, reliable and qualified services based on legal and moral groundings.







Growing with a constant increase in his energy trading volume; carrying on his success in energy trading to power production based on renewable sources, with regard to his social and environmental consciousness with the aim of leaving the next generations a cleaner and more liveable world; and by this becoming one of the biggest participants of local and international energy markets.


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