CELLER Elektrik Enerjisi Toptan Satış İthalat İhracat AŞ



CELLER Energy Wholesale Import & Export Inc. Co. is a 100% local company, whose purpose is to provide products and services in the continuously liberallizing and growing energy market. The company provides energy management and supply of sources for both the suppliers and consumers, in order to minimize production costs and market risks.


The potential clients of the company are; wholesale companies, producers, end- consumers (both commercial and industrial) and the European market by means of export. The company is licensed by Energy Market Regulation Authority (EMRA) on 08/ 11/ 2012, with the licence number ETS/ 4108-3/2463.


With a powerfull financial structure and highly experienced personnal, the company aims to provide sustainable, of good quality and the cheapest electricity for his customers and partners.


Beyond being a wholesale company, the services that the company can provide from the beginning to the long- lasting partnership, are as follows:


• Provide services in order to reduce the cost of electricity, by evaluating your consumption,

• Share the know- how,

• Supply the cheapest  energy,

• Following and analyzing the economical and market parameters and keeping to supply the cheapest energy.


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