Demand for energy, which has become one of the vital requirements of today’s world and has reached the power of dominating policies of countries from economy to politics; has been increasing each passing day due to the reasons such as industrialization, increase of populatio, globalization and widespread technology. Same situations take place in our ever-growing country.
Together with the increased energy demand, Turkey’s electricity market has entered to a fast development and evolution period in the last decade. Production, transmission, distribution and sale functions are separeted. Privatizations are made in the production and distribution phases. The electricity consumption of our country has increased approximately 3.5 – 4 times in the last ten years. Cross-border electricity and gas trades are begun to made.
On 18th September 2010, trial parallel operation is started according to an agreement made between Turkish Electricity Transmission Company (TEİAŞ) and ENTSO-E transmission companies HTSO, ESOEAD, Amprion and Tennet GmbH (mülga Transpower) and Turkey’s electrical system is synchorized with continental Europe’s interconnected system.
Our team, who experienced the pride of practising first electricity export from Turkey to Europe by ENTSO-E channel on 1st June 2011 (the date when the export-import legislation is established by EPDK), has been carrying out studies in order to sustain its success among retail market, as well as import and export markets.
In the following stages, studies regarding precise liberalization of the market will be carried on. We are aware that a fast and permanent adaptation of prior conditions to external factors should be provided in order to retain CELLER Energy’s position in the market, to grow and develop and an effort should be made to grow the present portfolio.
We support all studies to reach a structure indicating an energy trade wide open to competition, as well as contributing to all relevant institutions and participants. As CELLER Energy Wholesale Company, we accomplish our studies that provide balance and sustainability in medium and long term in the scope of our plans formed by our strategical perspective. We aim to reach a better balanced high sales volume by providing an expanded energy supply and sales portfolio.
We believe to become one of the strongest, most valuable and concrete brands of our sector, in which revolutions will continue to take place in the following 5-10 years due to fast growth. We target to achieve 100 MW installed capacity power from renewable energy production by 2023.
In this direction CELLER Energy Production Inc. is established in order to left another important step behind. Under favor of the success we made and experience we gained, we continue our investments and develop new projects.  

Under the roof of CELLER Energy Inc., we will lead the change in our sector and own a brand that is held up as an example, by proceeding to work devotedly together with our employees in trust and harmony.
It is our prime target to present products and services that will cover the needs and expectations of our valuable customers in a high level. I appreciate and thank you for your reliance and support to us.

Kind Regards,



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