Is my invoice amount enough to become an eligible consumer?

Consumers with an annual energy consumption of 5.000 kWh and above or with a monthly bill of 150 TL can provide electricity from CELLER Energy.


Will there be a change in the electricity infrastructure?

There will be no change except from the electricity supply will be made by CELLER Energy instead of TEDAŞ. Meter reading and other services will still be provided via TEDAŞ.


What will be the advantages of providing electricity from CELLER Energy?

CELLER Energy will supply your electricity for less amounts than TEDAŞ tariffs.


What is the cost of electricity provision from CELLER Energy?

There will be no additional costs of electricity provision from CELLER Energy.


What is the present electricity sale price? How much money will I save?

Electricity suppliers generally form their prices based on the tariff applied by TEDAŞ to your company. The discount amount from this price is set during the agreement stage.


Can I provide my electricity from another supplier at the end of my contract?

Yes, you can. However, before the cancellation date of your present contract you should give a written information to your old supplier and cancel the contract.


Why there is no risk?

When you start working with CELLER Energy, no kinds of infrastructure investment or installment replacement will be required. There will not be any risks to cause technical difficulties during transition period and afterwards since the supplier change will be made between governmental institutions distributor companies.


Is there a risk to have electricity cut-offs even though I will perform my responsibilities?

No, according to the legislation “Incase of legal reason based electricity provision discontinuities, the regional legal entitity is obliged to provide electricity and/or capacity to the eligible consumers who provide their electricity from a supplier apart from the licensed regional distributor company until they make a bilateral agreement with a new supplier.”


Will you be the only addressee when I provide my electricity from CELLER Energy?

CELLER Energy only takes care of the sale of “active energy”. The transmission of the energy is in responsibility of regional distributor company authority.


Who is responsible from the reactive energy caused by the usage of reactive energy?

There can only be an existing reactive energy incase of a failure in the compensation system of the eligible consumer. In this case, eligible consumer has to pay a reactive fine if the limits set by the legislations are exceeded. This reactive fine is additionally invoiced by the electricity distributor company.


Who should the eligible consumer contact incase of breakdown, maintenance and electricity cut-offs?

CELLER Energy is liable for pricing of the electricity consumed. Transmission and distribution of the electricity is in charge and responsibility of the regional electricity distributor company. Distributor company should be contacted incase of breakdown, maintenance and electricity cut-offs.


Are we finished with BEDAŞ?

The quality of the electricity is not changed when eligible consumers choose their own supplier. However the electricity from the network is utilized in the current situation will remain the same. As well as there will not be any changes in the quality; electricity distribution related services, such as maintenance, breakdown and reading of the meters will still be provided from objected distributor company (BEDAŞ, AYEDAŞ etc.)


Should we call CELLER Energy incase of an electricity cut-off or breakdown?

You should contact your regional electricity distributor company incase of an electricity cut-off or breakdown.


What is medium and low voltage?

This discrimination is estimated due to agreement power. 36 kV and 1 kV is considered as medium voltage, and below 1 kV is as low voltage.


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