FIXED DISCOUNTED PRICE: The subscriber uses the energy according to the TEDAŞ tariff discounted price all the time due to discount we made on retail sale price. Incase there is a rise of TEDAŞ tariffs, our subscriber keeps using the energy from the discounted price.

FIXED PROCED TARIFF: The customer uses the energy from a fixed price even though there is a rise of TEDAŞ tariffs, due to us fixing the electricity retail price. Therefore, the risk of raise will be avoided.

FLEXIBLE TARIFF: It is prepared privately for industrial subscibers to move their energy consumption to the hours demanded and therefore allows subscibers to minimize their energy expenses.




Electricity tariffs applied by electricity distributor companies, are updated four times a year by EPDK. These updated tariffs are valid for three months starting from the days 1st January, 1st April, 1st July and 1st October. Tariffs remain the same for consumers appear in same subscriber group all around Turkey. For instance, a residence subscriber from Edirne and Hakkari pay the same amount of unit energy consumption price.




Became valid on 01.01.2011 by nbr. 2999 law regarding National Electricity Tariffs decided at the general meeting made by Loss Leakage Price, Energy Market Regulatory Authority on 28.12.2010. Except from the transmission system user subscribers, there is a leakage loss price issued on every electricity subscriber. CELLER Energy, due to the legislation, pays this entire price provided from the subscribers to electricity distribution companies.




The fond and tax prices obliged to be paid by electricity consumers; are included in the subscriber’s invoice and delivered to the official authorities by CELLER Energy.





Energy Fund

The collected 1% contribution margin over electricity retail price and leakage loss price. It is invoiced in order to provide financial support and consistency for investigation, development, etude, project, supervision related activities for electricity sector.


TRT Share

The collected 2% contribution margin over electricity retail price and leakage loss price. It is invoiced to cover the expenses of TRT (Turkish Radio and Television Assoc.)



Municipal Consumption Tax collected over electricity retail price and leakage loss price, by 5% for commercial subscribers, and by 1% for industrial subscribers.



18% value-added tax calculated over electricity consumption price, energy fund, TRT share, and BTV.




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