Who is Eligible Consumer?



Eligible consumers are the real or legal entities who are at liberty of choosing their supplier. To be able to become an eligible consumer, it is required to consume more electricity than “Eligible Consumer Limit” published by Energy Market Regulatory Authority (EPDK) or to be directly connected to transmission line.



 Who can benefit?



  1. Industrial organizations
  2. Hotels
  3. Business centers
  4. Shopping malls
  5. Healthcare centers
  6. Supermarkets
  7. Worksites
  8. E-trade company units
  9. Organized industrial sites
  10. Restaurants
  11. Gas stations
  12. Sports centers
  13. Cold storage depots
  14. Pastry shops and bakeries
  15. Dry cleaning shops
  16. Corporate offices of holdings or big businesses
  17. Private teaching institutions
  18. Firms that rents servers


What are the advantages of Eligible Consumers?



Eligible consumers can provide energy from the suppliers they choose with bilateral agreements.




They can benefit from price advantages provided by supplier and wholesade companies. Additionaly, they can make flexible agreements pursueing their own profits.




Eligible consumers can evaluate the performance of their suppliers at the end of each contract. Therefore, they can determine the best agreement and supplier for themselves in time. These instant data taken by the suppliers will be evaluated and the eligible consumer energy prices will be oriented to the best level.




Eligible consumers can keep their margin rise in a minimized level by working with wholesale companies. Furthermore, by making contracts they can isolate their facility and products from production-consumption instabilities in the market.


Registration procedures



To become a CELLER Energy customer, the documents listed below should be signed and delivered until the registration period.


1.   Electricity sales agreement

2.   IA02 Form

3.   List of authorized signatures


Our sales specialists, will lead you during provision and control of the documents. When the documents are complete, the applications in the presence of PMUM and distribution companies will be tracked by a qualified personnel from CELLER Energy.


Registration periods


If your electricity is provided from the distribution company (TEDAŞ), you should submit the necessary documents to us during registration periods.

The registration process of eligible consumers that provide their electricity from TEDAŞ is made one month basis periods by Market Financial Settlement Center (PMUM). If the electricity is provided from a private supplier, the application procedures should be completed until 9th of each month in order to change the supplier company.


Eligible consumers providing their electricity from TEDAŞ

Application date

Approval date

Period start date

5 December

22 December

1 January

5 January

22 January

1 February

5 February

22 February

1 March

5 March

22 March

1 April

5 Aplril

22 April

1 May

5 May

22 May

1 June

5 June

22 June

1 July

5 July

22 July

1 August

5 August

22 August

1 September

5 September

22 September

1 October

5 October

22 October

1 November

5 November

22 November

1 December

Eligible consumers providing their electricity from private companies

9th of each month

22nd of each month

1st of the month after application


Information about the meters


According to EPDK’s legislation became valid on 11.06.2009, meters that can make reconciliation period base measurements should be installed by the consumer to the measuring points within the scope of reconciliation that belongs to previous year or the present year with a consumption of 800 MWh or more.


These meters should include a series connection feature for distance data read and a feature for importing data in hourly reconciliation period base in addition to saving these data for 45 days.



Reading the meters


Due to the legislations, reading of the meters are in charge and responsibility of distributor companies. Meters of eligible consumers are read by the electricity distribution companies that they are connected to. The index information of eligible consumers is sent to the electricity suppliers with an additional document of “Meter Reading Protocol”.


Issue of the invoices


The sale companies who receives the meter indexes, form the invoice amounts within the scope of agreements made with their eligible consumers. Consumers pay their invoice amounts inclusive of the situations included in the agreements.


Tariffs and price changes


Electricity tariffs are approved and established by EPDK on a monthly basis. The electricity prices of the consumers, are calculated inclusive of the situations included in the agreement and projected to their invoices accordinly.


Breakdowns and maintenance


The repair of breakdowns taking place in electrical wiring and their maintenance is under the charge and responsibility of the regional distribution company.


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