Cross-border trading



Turkey’s electrical system is synchronized with European interconnected system on 18th September 2010, by an agreement, which started trial parallel operation, between Turkish Electricity Transmission Company and ENTSO-E Transmission Companies HTSO, ESO_EAD, Amprion and Tennet GmbH (mülga Transpower). Parallel operation is provided with two 400kV route to Bulgaria and one 400kV route to Greece system.



This trial operation process is compromised of three phases and first two phases are completed:



First phase:*Determination period: The phase where is no programmed electricity energy trade.


Second phase:*The phase where is a bilateral, non-commercial and physical electricity energy trade in between Turkey’s system operator and respectively Bulgaria’s and Greece’s system operators. Thus, there is no trade included in physical electricity energy trade.


Third phase:s electric system, ENTSO-E, Greece and Bulgaria, a limited capacity is assigned for commercial electricity energy trade in accordance with the applications of ENTSO-E and European Union legislations.


Within the scope of this system, CELLER Energy, who experiences the pride of practicing first export from Republic of Turkey to European countries, participates the line capacity bids that is organized every month by TEİAŞ, ESO and HTSO in a regular basis. Concurrently, energy import from Europe is made in order to decrease the high costs of energy that occurs periodically and to obtain energy in more relevant costs.


The CELLER Energy team, who practiced first electricity export from Turkey to Europe via ENTSO-E channel, is carrying out studies in order to sustain its success among retail market, as well as import and export markets.


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