Retail electricity trading 



Electricity market law is accepted on 2001 to ensure the competitive environment in energy, efficiency and market security of supply.


  • • If you would like to decrease your operating costs by reducing your electricity expenses,

  • • If you are in the position of eligible consumer, your 2011 annual consumption is above 5.000 kWh (monthly bill approximately above 150 TL for residence and 150 TL for business),

  • • If you would like to obtain your electricity from CELLER Energy with tariffs that are more advantageous than your current tariff,

  • • If you would like to work with an experienced solution partner who can present you the advantages of most suitable tariffs considering your amount of use and periodically varying economical conditions, and provide you a precise service after sale,

You can contact CELLER Energy.

CELLER Energy, which forms its sale strategy in accordance with the long-term energy risk policy in order to increase the profits of its customers, offers energy supply solutions to legal entities and natural entities in position of shopping malls, industrial organizations, chain stores, hospitals, schools and many other eligible consumers.



Why there is no risk?



When you start working with CELLER Energy, no kinds of infrastructure investment or installment replacement will be required. There will not be any risks to cause technical difficulties during transition period and afterwards since the supplier change will be made between governmental institutions distributor companies.




What is electricity sale?



All institutions under the status of eligible consumer are entitled to choose their own suppliers and obtain electricity for more relevant costs than Ş tariffs. To be able to become an Eligible Consumer, it is required to consume more electricity than the Eligible Consumer limit estimated by EPDK (Energy Market Regulatory Authority). You can start consuming cheap electricity by switching your status to Eligible Consumer if the electricity bills for your institution is above 150 TL for residence and 150 TL for commercial.


CELLER Energy, offers you the best offer to decrease your electricity expenses as a result of a private institutional study.


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